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Back / Neck / Shoulders (30min)... $45

Full Body Massage (55min) ... $80
Starting with the scalp, we get you in that gaga mood before moving onto your decolletage, shoulders neck. Incorporating massage for your hands, forearms, feet and lower legs- all those areas that need it! Finished with the back, neck and shoulders. To take you to the next level of relaxation, upgrade to our Full Body Deluxe you won't regret it!

Full Body Deluxe (90min) ... $99
Enjoy our Full Body massage with the added facial massage. This element is guaranteed to take you to the next level of relaxation- softening and stimulating your neck muscles as well as releasing tension in your jaw, eyes, temples and forehead- it is amazing what a facial massage can do! Facial wipes can be provided if you need to come with makeup on.