Cosmetic Tattoo


Quick Consultation - Cosmetic Tattoo $0.00

Please note: This consult does not include talking to Dani (your cosmetic tattoo artist) or having your brows done in any way. If you are wanting a more in-depth consultation with a brow shape and drawing, please book the "Full Consultation" option.

This time saving consult is to supply you with a quick skin sensitivity test with our receptionist. She will apply some products to your skin, double check you have no contraindications to the treatment and book your first session with Dani should you choose to. At the time of booking your first tattoo session we require a $50 deposit that will secure your appointment time. This is non-refundable should you change your mind, cancel outside of the cancellation period or not show up to your appointment.

Full Consultation - Cosmetic Tattoo $40.00
This consult includes having your Brows shaped and drawn on by Dani (your cosmetic tattoo artist) to gain an idea of what we could achieve for your cosmetic tattoo. We will also supply you with your skin sensitivity / allergy test by placing small amounts of pigment and numbing cream on your skin. Please read our supplied info prior to booking your consultation to ensure full understanding surrounding your treatment is achieved. We cannot perform tattoos on anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, prone to keloid scarring, or on certain medications.

Hairstroke Brows $399

Hair strokes placed throughout your newly mapped out brows  to create a fuller, more fluffy looking brow. We no longer Microblade, but use a thin nano needle and machine to create the same fine lines. This option is gentler on the skin. Over time, you may need to convert over to a powder filled brow as hair strokes become harder to retouch over time.

Combination Hairstroke + Powderfill Brows $599
This option blends machine performed hair strokes and soft, powdery shading to create a natural looking brow. Please note that hair strokes do become harder to maintain over years so in some cases we may recommend a simple powdered brow instead. Proper research and consultation is necessary before any cosmetic tattoo treatment to ensure you have the right procedure for your own individual needs.

Ombre / Powderfill Brows $599

Raw Brows with Hair strokes and / or Shading $449
This is the most "natural" looking option as we only enhance and work on the brows as they already exist- we do not map or create a new shape as with the other tattoo options, we only bring out the best in your natural brows. This is great for those with a good amount of existing hair, gaps from ageing or over plucking, thinning tails or sparse areas. We need to do a consultation first to determine if this option is best for you.

Brow Tattoo retouch - 4-8 weeks $50.00
If it has been longer than 8 weeks, your retouch fee goes up to $100. If left longer than 12 weeks, $150.


Lashline Enhancement
Upper or Lower (1.5hrs) ... $299
Both (2.5hrs) ... $399
This subtle tattoo is placed directly on your lashline using super fine flat needles on machine. Results heal to show a lovely, thin line of darkness at the base of the lashes, defining the eyes and eyelashes without looking like eyeliner. 

Eyeliner (upper only) ... $349
For more of a makeup look, define those eyes with a solid eyeliner. We can tailor it to the thickness you want. Please note that at this stage we do not perform winged eyeliner tattoo. 


Lipliner (2.5hrs) ...$399
Replace lost definition around the border of your lips.

Full lip colour/lip Blush (3.5hrs) ... $499
A popular choice for lips, this look contours the lips, giving back lost definition of the lip line and also fills in the lips with a soft "blush" of colour, designed to suit your skin and lip tone. This does NOT replace lipstick, but rather gives the lips a stunning, natural looking makeover.